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Educational Consulting & Designs

“Together We Can”, which is indicative of the support, assistance and teamwork each and every person needs and deserves in order to obtain success.

Our Services

Our Services
Glass Buildings
Professional Development

TWCC offers professional development sessions to an array of professionals from those within the educational domain to those aligned with behavioral and business (organizational).  

Leadership Development

TWCC’s engages organizations to develop leadership competencies required to meet organizational goals and milestones.

World Class Environments & Experiences


TWCC’s Consultants have utilized, research, experiences, technology and best practices to design award winning facilities. 

Team-Building & High Performing Teams

TWCC’s ultimate goal with Team Building is to support strategic thinking, communication, creativity and the connection of Thought Leaders within an industry.  

Organizational Support
(Problems We Solve)

TWCC’s approach to understanding and aligning both the work and the mission is positioning organizations to reach beyond their status-quo and take audacious steps toward their next integrative phase.


Dr. Hall understands the importance of providing a rich and rigorous training environment for all staff. She is aware that it must be both challenging and rewarding - offering a combination of lecture, hands-on activities and time for networking among attendees.  Our staff at The King's Daughters Child Development Center have benefited greatly from the training opportunities facilitated by Dr. Hall.

Rho Trumbo

The King's Daughters Child Development Center

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