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Leadership Development

Designed to support both the natural born leaders and those leading based on productivity, experience and networking; TWCC’s engages organizations to develop leadership competencies required to meet organizational goals and milestones. All sessions will take into consideration the organization’s culture as this is optimal to leading and transformation.

TWCC’s 7 Layers to Transformation reflected below is the core of our leadership support.  These layers are designed to foster strategic thinking.


Sample Core Topics:

Leadership During Change


4 C’s of Leading


Key Skills for Middle Management


Introducing a Coaching Culture


Turning employee feedback into actionable Intelligence


Common beliefs about productivity: Dismantling the myths  


Leadership and Team Dynamics


Team Building 2.0


Empathy and Organizational Change


Strengths & Weakness of Leadership Styles


Restructuring your company’s management into 21st Century Leadership


Does your CULTURE value people?


When Terminating employees may be the best option for your company?

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